What is the Astar coin and network?
What is the Astar coin and network?
Admin 04 Sep, 2022

As the internet transitions to a decentralized future, scalability and interoperability will be key factors in determining the direction of the cryptocurrency market. These two issues continue to be the most difficult ones thus far. A few blockchains, including Polkadot (DOT), are trying to solve these issues.

What is the ASTAR network?

Decentralized apps (dApps) on Polkadot are centralized on the ASTAR network. Sota Watanabe established the ASTAR network, formerly known as Plasma, and it became live in 2019. It links PolkaDot with Ethereum, Cosmos, and other significant layer-1 platforms as well as layer-2 solutions like Plasma and zero-knowledge rollups. ASTAR acts as a platform for multi-chain smart contracts that supports a lot of different virtual machines and blockchain.
The ASTAR network has two tiers. A layer-1 blockchain is constructed as the basic layer using the Substrate blockchain design. An Optimistic Virtual Machine, or OVM, is created as a scalability solution for the second layer.
In the Polkadot ecosystem, smart contracts are not supported. To distribute parachain to the ecosystem's developers, Polkadot employs ASTAR. EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) and a multi-chain that integrates EVM with WASM are provided to the Polkadot ecosystem by ASTAR (WebAssembly).
The ASTAR network supports the developers through initiatives like the ASTAR builders program by offering financial incentives, technical help, and incubator programs.